I have no upper body strength, can I still join?

Yes! The beginner level 1 class is designed for complete beginners with no previous aerial experience. We start right from the beginning and work in the knot formation close to the ground which allows you to learn the fundamental tricks. Down the line we can remove the tricks from the knot and put them higher into the air. Alongside learning the knot tricks we will build on gaining strength with weekly aerial specific conditioning and introduction to climbing.

Do I need to be able to do a pull up?

No! The program is based on learning tricks with your body weight supported in the knot. You will gain aerial-specific strength as you progress. Being able to do a pull up or lift heavy heights will not replicate the grip strength that we will be using. Although body weight exercise and training outside of the class will be beneficial to aid you in your progression, participating in aerial training will get you strong for aerial.

I’m not flexible and can’t do the splits, will I be able to learn the tricks?

Yes! We welcome everyone from all walks of life, you don’t need to have previously been a gymnast or dancer or be extremely flexible to learn circus.

Am I too old to start an activity like this?

Absolutely not. I didn’t become involved with circus until my twenties and a large proportion of the circus community across the world choose to get into circus in their adult lives. It’s never too late the start!

What should I wear?

Please wear leggings or a tight pant on the bottom. We recommend cotton as some lycra fabrics can be slippery on the silk. On the top, wear a tight fitted tank top and we recommend wearing a long sleeved shirt to prevent fabric burns in the armpits. Also note that for the safety of our equipment and to avoid rips or tears in the silks, please avoid wearing anything with zips, buttons or anything that could snag the fabric. Socks and all jewellery should be removed before using the equipment.

Can guys come to the class?

Of course, we promote the class to all genders and have had men in many of our programs.

I have previous aerial experience can I just come and use the facility to train?

The facility is not available for use without a qualified instructor present. If you do not wish to join an instructional class then we run open drop-in training sessions to accommodate both class and non-class members to have non-instructional training time. We will post info on our site regarding dates and times of these sessions or sign up for our newsletter.  

Do I have to sign up for the whole six week session?

Yes. The classes run in blocks of six week sessions and you must sign up for the full session prior to the start date. The sessions are often full with a waiting list so signing up for the full session ensures you a secure a spot for the full six weeks and aren’t preventing someone else from having that opportunity should you only be able to attend twice.

If I miss a class can it be carried over?

No. Once you sign up for a six week session it is your responsibility to attend the session in full. Should you not be able to make it for whatever reason, illness, traffic, weather etc the class will not be carried over. Please make a big effort to attend every class possible in your session.